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  •  Evox is Changing My Life
  • For me, EVOX is a way to really dig into the roots of why I behave how I do in certain situations.  I have a history of taking things too personally and of fearing rejection.  Through EVOX, I have been able to dig deep into why and also work on moving forward.  EVOX is helping me to process the world around me differently.  And it is a difference that I can feel more and more each time I do it.  Each session builds on before and peels back another layer of the onion to move forward.  Allie also does an awesome job of facilitating it and making me feel comfortable in the situation, which is so important to me when venturing into something like this. 
  • All in all a recommended experience with anyone who wants to dig deeper into who they are.



"The disease nearly took my life." 

"It wasn't hearing the diagnosis that was overwhelming.  It was listening to the stories of frustration of those who tried various treatments for lyme disease and failed.

Medical perception plays a huge role in the healing process.  EVOX with Allie Benson allowed me to quickly identify mental perceptions that were blocking the healing process.  Allie has compassion for people.  She is skillful, passionate and intuitive.  EVOX with Allie played an integral role in my overcoming lyme disease.  So thankful for her!!"

Jonah Carpenter




What is ZYTO technology?

It is a wellness scan through electrical impulses from your hand.   The Elite system provides you with reports to help you make decisions about your health and wellness.  


Using a process called "perception reframing", the EVOX system helps to reframe, or shift subconscious perceptions. 

It allows for a more functional reality.
It can be used to improve aspects of our job or personal performance, relationships, trauma, emotional bondage, if you will.

Or as little as improving your golf game!

The EVOX technology helps to identify biological preferred balances to support emotional perception and shifts.


ZYTO WELLNESS & ZYTO EVOX:  $65 for a full 20 page report with consultation.


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