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Richard and Allie Benson built the Massage & Healing Center with a passion and burning desire to help people in mind, body, and spirit.
End Your Search for the Best Massage -- Come Visit Us! ....... The Massage & Healing Center is located in this unique, stand alone building.
Your brain tingles from the blood flow into your aching muscles...... You can feel the knots in your back dissolve....... AAAH - so relaxed.
Every detail is well thought out -- the aroma, soft music, soft lighting, very friendly, helpful staff and of course the best part -- the awesome massage.
All of our rooms are neat, clean and relaxing. FRESH LINENS and heated tables. FULL HOUR LONG MASSAGE – not just 50 minutes.


For pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic, plantar fasciitis, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, and any kind of back pain.
Also stretching and self-help techniques when you go home.


Helping the body to support itself.
Essential Oils support all your body systems.

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Your Health is Everything  ...   that makes us different.

YOU and your overall well-being is our focus.

You get the Special Treatment.

You get personalized attention according to your needs!

We are qualified, on the latest massage techniques.

You always have fresh linens.

Your massages are a full hour long – not just 50 minutes.

We help you stretch which makes your massage benefits last even longer.

You can expect great customer service, with a bottle of water to aid your recovery.

As a whole health facility, we focus on your over-all well-being.

Massage & HEALING means we provide therapies to help heal your whole body.

Do you have a chronic long term problem?       We can help!

If you need to come in on a frequent basis to address a painful situation such as carpel tunnel or sciatic, we can adjust the price. Talk to us, help us help you!

“Your Health is everything!”




About Us

Richard and Allie Benson have created and built the Massage & Healing Center over the past 15 years with a passion and burning desire to help people in mind, body and spirit.

Their mission is to help and educate people on how to take care of themselves and how important that is to their overall health.

Their main goal is to relieve stress, chronic pain, and discomfort.

Massage & Healing Center

777 N Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN   46219
Open 7 days per week.
10 AM - 7 PM Mon - Fri  **  10 AM - 6 PM Sat   **  12 AM - 6 PM Sun
Walk-ins Welcome

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